Bird Watching, the Barnesville Way
Posted 11/06/2015 03:30PM

It takes patience to be a bird watcher. It also takes the right habitat, food sources, and other environmental factors to draw birds to your location.

Students at Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences are learning all about birds in a multi-year bird study that will contribute to the School’s Field Guide that is documenting campus wildlife. 

“Buddy” groups are assigned to different “nesting areas” on campus:

·      8th grade paired with preschool in the Butterfly Garden;
·      7th grade paired with 2nd  in Jeri’s Garden;
·      6th with 3rd  in the field across Peachtree Road; and
·      5th with K in Explorer Woods. 

The first step is observation. Students are learning that patience, stillness, and quiet are important for bird watching as they note what kinds of birds visit their “nesting areas” and what the birds do there.  

In a recent Morning Meeting, students played a game to see who could identify photos of birds found in Montgomery County. The winners got to use professional-grade binoculars in their observations. 

Throughout the year, students will problem solve what they can do to attract birds to their “nesting areas” and complete related projects. 

In 2014, Barnesville initiated a multi-year, school-wide initiative to create a student-authored field guide that catalogs flora and fauna on the school’s campus. Older students work with younger partners to make observations, draw sketches, take photos and video, and work collaboratively to document their findings.