Pi Day, The Barnesville Way
Posted 03/18/2018 12:57PM

Every March 14 (3.14), Barnesville Middle School students celebrate Pi Day with interactive math activities and fun contests that highlight the role math plays in our everyday lives. Some years, students have memorized as many digits of Pi as they could. Others have, shown off their baking skills by bringing in pies.

This year, Middle School Math Teacher Katja Behrend created a “Math Jeopardy” game to bring more students into the mix. Three teams were formed with representatives from each grade, including some fourth graders. Questions were tailored to the various grade levels for an hour-long competition.

Sample questions included:

Team 1 was victorious in the end. Congratulations to Max, Amanda, Juliana, Josh, Anshi, Adam, Drew, Nick, and Aleksander! The winners got to “Pi” their teachers -- smashing cream pies in their faces. Photos can be viewed on Facebook. 

The overall atmosphere was fun and supportive -- Pi Day, The Barnesville Way. Ms. Behrend said that she was particularly inspired by the encouragement sixth graders showed for one another. Seventh graders led the crowd in doing the wave.

The Barnesville School’s mathematics program strives to promote meaningful learning for all students through a comprehensive curriculum. Students are engaged in the process of making sense of mathematics, developing conceptual understanding of mathematical concepts, and applying strategies for solving meaningful problems.