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Academics-- ARTS & SCIENCES in Action

Our teaching encourages students to EXPLORE how subjects relate to one another, helping them to make CONNECTIONS that spark inquiry and deepen understanding.

We offer a comprehensive curriculum covering the core subjects of language arts, math, science, and social studies, along with additional disciplines such as Spanish, art, music, library, digital literacy, and physical education.

We apply a cross-curricular approach to learning in order for students to better grasp concepts that span different subjects—for example, the links between art and history, math and science, literature and social studies. This enables students to gain a deeper understanding of relationships between subjects and strengthens their ability to identify new connections in the world around them.

We also make the most of our 30-acre campus to integrate nature into everyday learning.


  • Deductive reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Flexibility and adaptability

A focus on the whole child—including physical, academic, social, and emotional dimensions—is emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Under the leadership of division heads, students are able to maintain inclusive academic schedules that still provide time for the outdoors, recess, clubs, and extracurricular activities.

Students gain critical thinking capabilities, valuable social and leadership skills, and greater awareness of their unique voice. Graduates leave with confidence and are empowered to succeed in life.

An independent private school in
Montgomery County, Maryland
offering innovative preschool
through 8th grade programs.

Barnesville School

21830 Peach Tree Road
PO Box 404
Barnesville, MD 20838

p: 301.972.0341
f: 301.972.4076


We offer a vigorous academic program for students as well as engaging, hands-on learning experiences.


Our positive, supportive learning environment promotes imagination, exploration, personal growth, and achievement.

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