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The Value of Shared Values

Events around the world and nationally remind us that our work here at the Barnesville School of Arts and Sciences is vitally important. It is our job to prepare students for success in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world, and that world continues to change at a breath-taking pace. It is in times of change that our mission and values serve as our compass, reinforcing our shared purpose and sense of community.

The Barnesville School Mission & Philosophy
We are dedicated to providing a joyful and supportive learning environment for the development of excellence in each of us. We value a positive, supportive learning environment. We value a curriculum that integrates the humanities, arts, math, and science to help students reach personal academic excellence. We value social responsibility and the development of personal values.

The values that we share and commit to as a community are the least measurable of our school’s characteristics, but they are perhaps the most important to fulfilling this mission. Our character education program is built around nine core values -- Kindness, Service, Perseverance, Respect, Initiative, Courage, Cooperation, Responsibility, and Honesty -- that together represent what we know as “The Barnesville Way”. While we focus on a different value word each month, the ideas are infused into who we are as a community and how we treat one another. From the earliest grades through graduation, Barnesville students learn to listen to and respect different points of view, yet also develop confidence in their own voice.

We are proud to provide an inclusive and safe environment where differences are respected. In fact, our faculty recently took action to reaffirm our Commitment Diversity Statement that was originally adopted in 1980 by the Board of Directors and Faculty. This statement provides the principles that guide our daily actions as a community of learners.

We support a safe and secure environment for all members of our Barnesville family and make respecting differences a school-wide goal. This builds a community true to our mission of joy, support, and excellence.

As I walk our hallways I am reassured as I witness that our mission is indeed alive and well, and our students live our values.

In this season of thanksgiving, I want take a moment to give thanks for our wonderful and passionate faculty and staff who inspire our students to stretch to be their very best. I am honored to work with them to support our commitment to educating responsible global citizens.

I am proud to be in the Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences community...a community of joyful learners where children are free to imagine, explore, grow, and achieve.

Posted by Jan Hyland on Sunday December, 11, 2016 at 03:09PM


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