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Barnesville has a great combination of qualities that we both remembered from being students and again recognized during our 2011 school tours when we were weighing our options for [our daughter's] enrollment... small and focused class sizes, great faculty and staff, the utilization of the latest technology and learning tools and its application/incorporation into proven teaching methods, a certain level of individualized assessment, learning and development plans tailored to maximize [our daughter's] learning potential, the emphasis on the importance of outdoor/physical activity and a nutritious diet as part of a healthy lifestyle… and just an overall warm experience past and present with Barnesville. – alumni and current parents of a preschool student

Barnesville has proved to be our dream school. The academic instruction is terrific, and the teachers are especially wonderful, really going the extra mile to discover how each child learns best... Teachers and parents alike know what is going on with the students, so supportive social behavior is fostered and you feel like your child is constantly being watched over by people you know and trust. The arts opportunities are great... The setting is lovely and the kids spend a lot time outside, including a lot of outdoor PE classes and sledding on the playground in the wintertime. It's everything we hoped to find in a school. – parent

My daughter has thrived at Barnesville in ways I don't think she would have in larger classroom settings. Wonderful teachers have helped her recognize and develop her individual talents while also encouraging her to step outside of her comfort zone into leadership roles. She is developing critical thinking and social skills that will serve her well for years to come -- in and outside of school. - parent

Barnesville has high academic standards without the high pressure. My older children have gone on to selective high schools and public magnet programs very well prepared. They know themselves, know how to learn, and are confident in their own abilities. I can lay this all at the feet of the fabulous teachers they have had at Barnesville. My youngest is thriving there currently. He has small classes, with teachers who take the time to know each child in their class. Also, as a parent, I love the fact that the school has several acres that allow both room to play, and to learn about nature. - parent

This year's graduating class (most of whom have been here since Kindergarten) had a 100% acceptance rate at private schools, including places like Stone Ridge, Georgetown Visitation, Georgetown Prep, and Good Counsel. The kids choosing to go on to public high schools placed into honors programs, advanced math, foreign language, etc. Barnesville also has a great track record for prepping kids for the Poolesville Magnet programs -- more than half of our applicants are accepted, compared to an average rate of just 12%. Graduates who come back to visit say Barnesville gave them the foundation they needed to do well in high school. Amazing teachers have the time and flexibility to really engage kids in hands-on learning. My daughter has thrived. She continues to love to learn and explore new ideas. She has two more years at Barnesville and then a world of opportunity ahead. - parent

An independent private school in
Montgomery County, Maryland
offering innovative preschool
through 8th grade programs.

Barnesville School

21830 Peach Tree Road
PO Box 404
Barnesville, MD 20838

p: 301.972.0341
f: 301.972.4076


We offer a vigorous academic program for students as well as engaging, hands-on learning experiences.


Our positive, supportive learning environment promotes imagination, exploration, personal growth, and achievement.

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