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Early Childhood

"Life must be lived as play." - Plato

Early childhood for three-year olds is a thematically based program in which our youngest students learn through play. We use a hands-on approach to encompass all of developmental domains. These domains, which all relate to each other, include social-emotional, motor/physical, cognitive, and language/communication development. The classroom teachers create an environment based around play centers that provide endless opportunities to enhance each area of development. Our teachers recognize that social, emotional, linguistic, and physical lessons are not learned separately by young children. They interact with the students in ways that recognize the child is learning from the whole experience.


Social/Emotional Development

In this area of development, children are provided with daily opportunities that introduce and reinforce social skills such as taking turns, and verbally communicating with others. The activities presented through story time, group movement games, circle time activities, plus indoor and outdoor play, all help foster the above concepts as the children work together to develop empathy, make friendships, engage in conversations, and learn to problem solve when conflicts arise.

Academic Readiness

During the course of the school year, the children in Barnesville’s early childhood program are introduced to the alphabet for letter recognition, counting and numeral recognition through ten, opposites, basic shape recognition, and simple graphing and patterning. These concepts are taught through a combination of group activities and independent work time. The wide variety of activities and hands-on experiences challenge the creativity of the young child and help them embrace learning as fun.

Physical Development

The early childhood program is designed to foster motor development within each child. We present a balance of gross and fine motor activities that give each child experiences in lacing, cutting, coloring, painting, block building, puzzle making. The children are also given opportunities to ride tricycles and play in our woods area.


Singing and movement constitute the basis of early childhood music classes. Students will participate in singing classic children’s repertoire, performing simple fingerplays, and exploring gross and fine motor skills through dance. Children in the early childhood program will also interact with egg shakers, maracas, jingle bells, rhythm sticks, and other classroom instruments, to establish a foundation for steady beat and rhythm. Musical selections explore culture, history, shared human experiences, values, and feelings. Common lyrical themes include seasons, holidays, animals, kindness, and friendship. Early childhood music students also play an important role in the annual Lower School May Day, a traditional celebration of spring. This signature event is designed to build student confidence in a warm, supportive, and meaningful setting.


The early childhood student has a weekly library experience beginning in October with a class visit by the Librarian. The Librarian engages the students with her traveling story box that contains a book and related activity. The library session supports the curricular needs by highlighting the letter of the week. Beginning in January, the students are introduced to the library and weekly story-time. Selected books are on display on the library tables based on the story-time theme or letter of the week, and are checked out in the teacher’s name for classroom use.


The Spanish program begins for the three-year olds during the month of September for 15 minutes every week. The units and topics that we cover include: colors, animals, the human body, family, greetings, and numbers. Within each unit we also cover five vocabulary words that are taught in a comprehensive and phonetic manner by repeating them in different contexts. The strategies we use are based on singing songs and playing games so that the learning process is fun and efficient.

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