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Help Your Child Cultivate Happiness
Posted 09/15/2015 02:11PM

We are born to be happy, but sometimes our life circumstances get the best of us and we forget. A child is happy most of the time, it is just their disposition. In a way they are the perfect example of how to cultivate happiness. Kids enjoy the present moment and are not making plans for the future or dwelling on the past. But just like with adults some experiences could hinder they ability to experience joy.  So what does a happy child need in order to grow into a happy adult?

According to Aha Parenting, “The latest research on happiness gives us surprising answers. Happiness turns out to be less a result of luck and external circumstance than a product of our own mental, emotional, and physical habits, which create the body chemistry that determines our happiness level.”

Happiness has a lot to do with habits and wether we cultivate these habits or not.  More specifically happiness is closely linked to three kinds of habits. These are:

How we think and feel about the world

Habits related to certain actions such as exercise, healthy eating, meditating and smiling

Character traits such as self control, honesty, caring about others and courage

Find out more and how to help your child cultivate them here. (you can link the word here with this url

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