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Earth Day Festival 2018: Destination Conservation
Posted 04/20/2018 03:29PM

Orangutans, Food Waste, and Bears…. Oh, My!

Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences seventh graders planned and led the school’s third annual Earth Day Festival. The theme “Destination Conservation” inspired  interactive stations centered around conservation and the three R’s -- reduce, reuse, recycle.

The day started with an all-school gathering in the gym where Cienna S. (7th Grade) gave a presentation about the theme and related topics. The seventh graders then led pre-k through eighth grade students paired in their Buddy Groups through a rotation of games, crafts, and activities at seven different outdoor stations they created.

  1. A.E.R.O -  Students played a Food Toss game about food waste and raced in a  Recycling Relay, working in teams to separate recyclables.

  2. Save the Waves - Students carried water in cups as a relay race to demonstrate the importance of water conservation.

  3. T.E.H. - Students made Pinecone Bird Feeders and discussed how they can help support and conserve animal ecosystems/habitats.

  4. MBBOORM- Recycled materials were used to build a statue of the Barnesville Bear.

  5. Pollution Tag-  A game of Tag was geared around animal conservation, demonstrating the impact that pollution has on the environment.

  6. PBSOS- Students used recycled materials to create a “Pizza Box Oven” to cook s'mores that they got to eat!

  7. Recycling Games- Students reused recycled materials to play Recyclable Basketball and Kick the Can.


At the end of the day, everyone gathered again in the gym for a guest speaker, second grade parent Rebecca Wadler, who spent time in Borneo doing research with the Orangutan Foundation International. She talked to students about how Orangutans live in the wild. Did you know Orangutans live alone with their mothers and sleep in nests? Ms. Wadler also spoke about conservation issues facing the rainforest where Orangutans live and what we can do to help protect them.

In 2016, Barnesville faculty and naturalists from Black Hill Regional Park teamed up to create a Flying WILD Festival, an entire day of fun outdoor and environmental education activities related to birds, their habitats, and their migration. The day was the culmination of six months of bird-related nature lessons. In 2017, Barnesville seventh graders planned a similar Earth Day festival centered on plants and gardening. This year’s seventh graders met with Black Hill naturalists to plan the Destination Conservation event, starting with brainstorming ideas for a theme and related activities.

A photo album can be viewed on Facebook. 

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