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Third Grade Celebrates World Explorers
Posted 06/07/2019 12:03AM


Culminating a year-long theme of exploration, Barnesville third graders hosted an “Explorer Meet and Greet” with some of the world’s most famous explorers. Students shared knowledge about the people behind some of the world’s great expeditions as well as the geographic regions they explored.

Third graders started the year learning about world geography and refining their map skills and knowledge about the world’s continents and oceans. Later in the year, they learned about Africa, examining the continent’s diverse cultures and terrain. They also researched animals from the various regions of Africa. After reading about the African explorer Mary Kingsley, students started to research a famous world  explorer of their choice.

Students created life-sized figurines of their chosen explorers as well as maps reflecting their travels. At the “Explorer Meet and Greet” in the library, students shared what they had learned about the qualities their chosen explorer possessed as well as the reasons behind their journeys. Photos are on Facebook.

“In smaller projects throughout the year, my students conducted research about different countries, presented biographical research, and learned about world geography,” explained Third Grade Teacher Mrs. Gekas. “The Explorer Meet and Greet is an opportunity for them to bring all of those skills together while also celebrating our year together as explorers!”

World Explorers is a capstone event for third grade each year, and one of Barnesville’s signature cross-curricular projects designed to help students make connections across subjects.


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