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Barnesvilles Eco-Revolution
Posted 09/29/2014 08:00PM

Barnesvilles Eco-Revolution

Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences Kicks Off New Recycling Program

September 24, 2014. Students at the Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences are an active part of the eco-revolution!   Now, Barnesville has launched a new recycling collection program with TerraCycle®.

“As a Green School, Barnesville offers students many innovative ways to learn about environmental conservation. Students take an active role in recycling.  Eighth graders walked the afternoon carpool line asking parents to donate inkjet and toner cartridges for TerraCycle®.  Involving students at the grassroots level leads to greater buy-in to -reduce, recycle, reuse,” says Tara Barnhart, Chair, Arts & Sciences committee.

TerraCycle® is a small business that specializes in making consumer products from pre- and post-consumer materials, also known as upcycling.
 The company comprises brigades; one brigade for each type of waste being recycled. The students at Barnesville are part of four brigades and will collect are collecting drink pouches, glue bottles, tape dispensers and inkjet cartridges.

Instead of being thrown into the trash, the bags will be deposited into specially marked bins.
With the help of Barnesville Middle School student volunteers, the bags will be counted and shipped to TerraCycle®. The company converts the bags either into upcycled products such as back packs, shopping bags and pen cases or converts them into materials that can be used to make plastic products such as trash barrels.

“It’s so wonderful to be working with our Parent Organization to promote recycling throughout our school. We see this as an important part of our green school certification," said John Huber, Head of School.

Maureen Ivusic, a parent at Barnesville, brought the idea of TerraCycling to the school. Ivusic was instrumental in getting the program off the ground by coordinating information between the school administration, teachers and parents.

"We’re always looking for opportunities to benefit the school, either monetarily or educationally. This seems like a perfect ‘win-win’ opportunity for all involved," Ivusic said.

TerraCycle® was added to the Maryland Green School Program (MDGS) list of acceptable ways for a school to be green in 2014. Barnesville has been a certified green school for four years during which time students have integrated new approaches to everyday life, ensuring a sustainable future through reducing pollution, decreasing waste and creating a healthy living environment.

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