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Arts and Science Task Force
Posted 10/10/2014 01:59PM
We are excited to report that an “Arts and Science” task force has been formed. The purpose of this task force is to advance instruction in science and related curricular areas to give ownership of the Barnesville ‘school of arts and science’ brand. The task force is being led by Tara Barnhart with a core group consisting of Diane Jordan, Jamie Jamison, Melanie Gekas, Erin Hussey, and Vickie Roos. The purpose of the task force is to guide teachers as they focus on expanding and enriching the delivery of science curricula and concepts across the grades. Faculty will be encouraged to design units of study and lessons that integrate math, social studies, language arts, and art. Faculty will also be encouraged to be creative as they develop their science lessons with hands-on, experiential components.


After some thoughtful discussion the task force has charged the faculty and students with creating a Barnesville School Field Guide.   At the end of the school year our Field Guide will include: cover page, table of contents, satellite view of campus outlining zones, data collection and analysis of identified trees, vocabulary, glossary, fun facts and resources. Throughout the school year, students and faculty will be focusing on studying trees on Barnesville’s 50 acres of land. Each buddy group has been assigned an area on campus called “zones.” During monthly buddy meetings students will make observations, draw pictures, collect data, use technology, and work collaboratively to create reports and document their findings. The Science teachers will support the project with instruction in their curriculum. Faculty and staff involvement includes training and preparation for delivery of lessons during in-service days throughout the school year. We held “tree week” during morning meeting last week with mini-lessons on trees before our first buddy meeting.


Other goals for this year include identifying additional partnerships with outside organizations for all grade levels to enhance insights and understandings of particular science concepts. Science and math instruction have been coordinated with blocks of time allotted for science/math labs. We are in the process of reapplying to renew our Green School certification and Green School objectives will be integrated into the Science curriculum. Most recently, we have become certified by the National Wildlife Federation, which means that wildlife may find quality habitats in the forms of food, water, cover and places to raise their young. This is due to our conscientious planning, landscaping and sustainable gardening. Expanded use of the school’s grounds and resources will be incorporated in the science units where appropriate. More bulletin boards throughout the school can be found highlighting the work of the Arts and Science task force. We plan to send out information about local community events such as the “Growing Legacy” film next week as well as the Maker Fair a couple weeks ago. Finally, staying abreast of professional development opportunities remains at the forefront so that teachers may attend workshops and conferences and stay current with best practices.


We anticipate an exciting and productive school year filled with new Arts and Science activities.

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