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Contribution Wish Lists

Want to contribute but aren't sure what we need? Check out the items below! Please keep in mind that as the Gala approaches, we may choose to combine contributions to maximize their impact.

Are you better at writing checks than you are at shopping? We'd be happy to accept contributions
towards the purchase of wish list items! Please send contributions to Robin Snider in an envelope clearly marked Gala Wish List.

We're looking for that unique item or experience you cannot get anywhere else. Do you have a vacation home? How about a unique talent you could share? Are you an artist? Contribute a piece of your work! Below you'll find some other ideas. We would also love to have items to create theme baskets. No need to actually assemble the basket – you supply the items and we will work our magic!

We are always looking for contributions of unique experiences, for example…

  • Visits to political offices or TV stations.
  • Behind the scenes tours of interesting work places such as farms, vets, laboratories, fire stations, etc.
  • Special Dining experiences at local restaurants or in a private home
  • Parties – We are in particular need of a family or men's buy-in party this year

Individual Wish List Items

  • Time at Vacation Home
  • VIP/Behind-the-scenes passes
  • Concert tickets or merchandise
  • Airline Points
  • iFly Party or tickets
  • Beats Headphones
  • Gift Cards or items from Frederick restaurants and stores
  • Fitness items - clothing, water bottles, headphones, sweat bands
  • Activities in Washington DC
  • Bowling Gift Certificate to Shady Grove 300
  • Limo Service for Virginia Wineries
  • Corn Hole Board
  • Starbucks Coffee Maker
  • Spa or Bath Products
  • Dog House, toys or supplies
  • Theater Tickets
  • Golf equipment and supplies
  • Outdoor copper Fire Pit
  • Ping Pong Table
  • Xbox One
  • Wine Supplies such as Cork Screw, Ice bucket and Decanter
  • 6 Bottles of quality wine
  • Bar Supplies such a cocktail shaker, recipe book and ice bucket
  • Beer cooler or beverage Tub
  • Crystal Wine or Champagne Glasses
  • Le Cruset Pot
  • Gift Cards to popular companies such as Amazon, Apple, Target, Home Depot or Wegmans (or really to anywhere)
  • 6 Bottles of quality liquor
  • $50 worth of Scratch Lottery Tickets
  • Luggage
  • Snorkel Set
  • Jewelry Box
  • Jewelry
  • Wooden Cutting Board
  • Cordless Drill and drill bits

Adult or Children's Party

Plan and host a buy-in party for the Gala! The party will be sold as a per person, couple or family price depending on what type of party you choose. We call this a "buy-in" party because guests buy tickets into the party.

For adults or children:

  • Escape the room
  • Scavenger hunt
  • 80s prom for kids
  • Adult Costume Party
  • Bunco Party
  • Themed Dinner Party
  • Any idea you'd like!
  • Sign making party - two members of the Barnesville Community have the machines and knowledge to help you plan this crafting event if you'd like to host.


Q. If I host a party, do I have to pay for it?
In a nutshell, yes. However, many people will co‐host a party with one or more individuals to have more fun, share labor, and offset costs. And you can procure (get contributions) for your event. Many parties cost practically nothing to host.

Q. Is a party/event tax‐deductible?
Yes, it is, up to the fullest extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service and based on what you have contributed. For example, items you procure are by definition contributed by others so you cannot declare that as a tax deduction. For more advice, please consult a tax professional.

Q. Am I paid anything to host the party?
No. Your efforts to organize and host the party are your volunteer contribution of time to Barnesville School. Your costs are managed/reduced by the effectiveness with which you procure and share costs with others, if you are able to co‐host. However, any costs you have may be tax‐deductible. Please consult a tax professional.

Q. Do the people coming to the party need to bring anything?
Usually everything is included. However, if there is something particular or special that you will not be supplying, we can put a "prerequisite" on the party. For example, if you plan a day of fishing, you can say a fishing license is a prerequisite. If you are hosting a costume party, you can give guidance on what people should wear.

Q. How many people are invited and how much do I charge for my party?
The number of people depends on how big your space is/what you are going to do. You must stipulate a minimum number of signups for the party to occur. We can help determine a price based on party prices from previous years.

Q. What if I want to throw a party but don't have the space?
What if I have the space but am not sure what to do? If you have an idea for a party (cooking demo, BBQ outdoor dinner, Super Bowl party) LET US KNOW! And if you have a large kitchen someone can cook in, or a big deck with an outdoor table, or a large entertainment room, LET US KNOW! We will be happy to match people up so they can work together! That is why we are here!

Q. When do I have the party?
You can host parties all year long, even the summer! They can be indoor events, outdoor events, at night, in the morning. . . . You get the idea. However, once a date is set it cannot be changed. All events should be held prior to the 2020 auction.

Q. What kind of parties can I host?
Anything you, your friends, or your family like to do! We are dividing the parties into three categories. . . 1) Adult Only Parties 2) Kid Only Parties 3) Family Parties/One adult and kid(s) parties (e.g. father/daughter, mother/son, grandmother/granddaughter)

Basket Wish List

We would also love to have items to create the following theme baskets. No need to actually assemble the basket, just get the items and we will work our magic and assemble it for you!

  • Girls Toy Basket
    • A collection of the "in" dolls and accessories
  • Rainy Day Activity Basket
    • Assorted games and crafts to keep a child busy while stuck inside
  • Lego Basket
    • Assorted sets of Legos of various themes
  • Car Wash Kit
    • Bucket filled with soap, wax, sponges and squeegee
  • Man Basket
    • Assorted small bottles of liquor or craft beer, cigars, golf balls and beef jerky

The Power of Community

Like most independent schools, Barnesville School sets tuition below the cost of educating each student, making a Barnesville education affordable to more families. With the Power of Community, The Barnesville School Fund helps bridge the gap between tuition and actual costs. Tax-deductible contributions from our community support the joyful and nurturing learning environment our faculty provides each and every day. Read more...

An independent private school in
Montgomery County, Maryland
offering innovative preschool
through 8th grade programs.

Barnesville School

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We offer a vigorous academic program for students as well as engaging, hands-on learning experiences.


Our positive, supportive learning environment promotes imagination, exploration, personal growth, and achievement.

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