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Every group of students is unique, so nothing is predictable about our classes. Each grade, however, has at least one “Signature Curriculum Event” that our community looks forward to each year. Kids and parents alike look back on these events as highlights of their Barnesville experience, and students in younger grades look forward to doing these projects as they get older. Following are highlights of some of the events that help define and differentiate Barnesville and its students.

Spring brings new life to the classroom as the kids care for eggs that hatch into chicks. Our new feathered friends later find a home with one of our families.
Children take dramatic virtual trips to several different continents to explore the world. They experience using a passport, checking plane tickets, and communicating with the airline personnel.
For each letter of the alphabet, children learn about a different artist and create art in their style. At the end of the year, students act as "docents" and share their artwork with families at a Kindergarten Art Gallery.
Weavings, paintings, ceramics, and jewelry fill the classroom marketplace at a festival that celebrates a yearlong study of Mexico’s history, geography, and culture.
Students work with Red Wiggler Community Farm to learn gardening and composting in preparation for their raised garden bed project where they grow their own vegetables.
Student curators share knowledge of some of the world’s great expeditions at the Explorer Hall of Fame. Students chart the routes of famous explorers and share insights about geographic regions they studied throughout the year.
Student “tour guides” present their year-long state research projects in displays, travel brochures and artwork while students and other visitors take a tour across America and sample signature dishes from each state.
Unite and Unite is the theme of a pipe-and-drum-led processional over the hillside, marking the start or our beloved May Day celebration. Students weave ribbons around the May Pole, sing traditional English folk songs and perform Morris dance. Learn More...
Students become a significant historical figure from the Civil War or Industrial Revolution and provide mini-history lessons to guests at their living museum.
Ancient traditions and modern culture are on display at our Chinese New Year celebration where students explain the history and customs they have studied. Learn more..
Chemistry, physics, and behavioral hypotheses are tested and presented at the Seventh Grade Science Fair, judged by local representatives from the scientific community.
Eighth graders choose an author to research in depth, design an exhibit, and share their knowledge with parents and other students by bringing their author to life.
Ready for the transition to high school, each graduate delivers a speech that looks back on their Barnesville experience and imagines new adventures that lay ahead.

An independent private school in
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Barnesville School

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We offer a vigorous academic program for students as well as engaging, hands-on learning experiences.


Our positive, supportive learning environment promotes imagination, exploration, personal growth, and achievement.

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