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Effect of pH on Invertebrates Win's Seventh Grade Science Fair
Posted 04/15/2019 01:55PM

Sarah G. was the winner of the Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences 2019 Seventh Grade Science Fair. Her question was: What is the ideal water pH level for microscopic invertebrates?

Each year, chemistry, physics, and behavioral hypotheses are tested and presented at the Seventh Grade Science Fair, judged by representatives from the local scientific community. Each student develops a hypothesis to research and test. Findings are then presented to judges and the greater school community.

Second Place was won by Katherine G. with the question: how do different types of flour affect cookie dunkability?

Third Place was won by Zoe S. asking: How does sugar concentration impact the crystallization process in making rock candy?

Some of the other questions explored this year included:

  • Does carbonated water help plants grow faster than tap water?

  • Does temperature impact flashlight battery life?

  • How do different types of flooring affect the bounce of a basketball?

Earlier in the school year, the class worked on a joint plant project with Arabidopsis thaliana, a small plant organism that is commonly used for scientific research. This project introduced the scientific method and concepts related to variables, data collection, and reporting. Students also learned about the writing style that is appropriate for a scientific lab report.

Students started working on their individual Science Fair projects in late February, planning, drafting hypotheses, and conducting research of their choosing. Students had the freedom to choose any science related question as long as it was something measurable, affordable, and from which they could acquire quantitative (numerical) data.

Photos are on Facebook.

Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences (preschool-8th grade) uses an inquiry approach to science instruction. Teachers guide students through hands-on discovery activities. Students are encouraged to ask questions and are given the opportunity to explore the answers to these questions. This approach allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the concepts being presented. These developmentally appropriate activities help students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in challenging science classes and foster a lifelong love of science. Our curriculum meets and exceeds the Next Generation Science Standards published by the National Science Teachers Association.

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