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Our teachers collaborate with the intention of finding new and meaningful ways to help students make connections across subjects, such as history and science, math and art, world culture and literature, technology and the environment. Barnesville School is a community of wonderful people who all share a commitment to a culture of joy, support, and excellence. They bring years of professional experience and great enthusiasm to each interaction with the children. They love what they do.

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    Susanne Johnson 

    Head of School
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    Jesse Hardman 

    Assistant Head of School


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    Laura Mears 

    Director of Enrollment Management and Advancement
    (301) 972-0341

Why Teach at Barnesville?

The teachers at Barnesville provide a joyful educational experience for each child. We work together to make sure that each child’s academic and social-emotional needs are met. Overall, Barnesville is a school that reminds each teacher why they love to teach. The teachers bring their passion and pedagogical excellence to each class as they prepare their students to become future leaders.   

- Jesse Hardman, Assistant Head of School

Barnesville School

21830 Peach Tree Road
PO Box 404
Barnesville, MD 20838
p: 301.972.0341