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Frequently Asked Questions

List of 7 frequently asked questions.

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    What is the Barnesville School Fund?

    The Barnesville School Fund is an essential part of the school’s funding. Without it, we would not be able to provide the many extras you have come to expect and associate with a Barnesville School education. Like all independent schools, Barnesville sets its operating budget in anticipation of the generosity of our current parents, alumni, grandparents, alumni parents, and friends. Every member of the Barnesville family has the opportunity to have a dynamic and positive impact on our students and their teachers. For every student, there is an approximate cost of $4,500 that is not covered by tuition revenue. The Barnesville School Fund helps to provide the critical difference that is needed to educate each Barnesville student while balancing the budget. It provides the financial means to enrich our programs, while ensuring that tuition remains affordable for the widest range of families possible.
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    What is the Barnesville School Fund Campaign?

    Each year, Barnesville sponsors a campaign to raise the money to bring enhancements to our program that tuition alone cannot provide. This is the “Barnesville School Fund Campaign.” A handful of board members, school parents, alumni, school grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty and staff members, and community members volunteer to solicit contributions for the Barnesville School Fund from the school community. Requests for donations are made through mailings, by phone, and in person each year, starting in the fall. The Campaign runs through the end of June. Contributions are fully tax deductible and are recognized in the Annual Report of Gifts.
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    Why do independent schools count on annual contributions to fund their programs?

    Without any support from local, state, and federal tax dollars, all independent schools must rely on tuition and the generosity of their constituencies to fund their programs. Though tuition is higher at many schools similar to Barnesville, we have decided to keep our tuition as low as possible, pricing it so that it covers only our basic core curriculum. To do otherwise would close our doors to too many families. It is through fundraising efforts such as the Barnesville School Fund that we can offer our students the wonderful enhancements that are the hallmark of an independent education—authentic learning experiences, small class sizes, field trips, performing and visual arts programs, athletics, clubs, and more.
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    Why is your participation so important?

    Each year, we strive to achieve 100% Board, Faculty, and Parent participation in the Barnesville School Fund. Full participation in the Barnesville School Fund demonstrates solidarity within the Barnesville community. It also indicates to major outside donors such as corporations, foundations, and school friends that those who are most connected to the school are indeed committed to it and are involved in the school’s future well-being. Therefore, all gifts, no matter what size, are tremendously important and benefit us all.
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    How will you use my contribution?

    Your contribution to the Barnesville School Fund goes directly to support excellence at Barnesville School. Students, teachers, programs, resources, and facilities are the beneficiaries. Your gift helps us secure the dedication of the best and the brightest teaching talent and role models for our students, and helps us to maintain our low student-to-teacher ratios. Your gift helps us purchase top quality computer hardware and software, library books, science equipment, and more. Your gift allows us to provide our students with programs enriched with many opportunities in the arts, sports, and community service. We can host visiting authors, sponsor athletic teams, offer music and drama programs, and more.
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    Who should contribute to the Barnesville School Fund?

    • Everyone who loves Barnesville.
    • Everyone who appreciates excellence in education.
    • Everyone who wants Barnesville’s students to have an outstanding faculty.
    • Everyone who understands how important it is to offer a wide variety of enrichment and extracurricular programs.
    • Everyone who wants Barnesville to be fiscally sound.
    • Everyone who believes in the mission and future of the school.
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    What are the Gift Clubs?

    Leadership Gift Clubs were established by our Board of Trustees to recognize and honor our most generous contributors.
    • The Tankersley Club: $10,000 or more. It was named to celebrate the founding family of Barnesville School.
    • The 1969 Club: $7,500–$9,999. It was named in honor of the year Barnesville was founded.
    • The Leadership Gift Club: $5,000–$7,499
    • The Honors Club: $2,500–$4,999
    • The Founders Club: $1,000–$2,499
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