Middle School

Preparation for Success

Middle School provides a challenging curriculum that STRENGTHENS critical thinking as students develop an understanding of their roles in the world around THEM.
Our mission is to take students from the supportive, yet challenging, environment of the Lower School and help them gain greater independence in their academic and overall school life as they prepare for the challenges of high school. Each student is recognized as an individual and is encouraged to realize his or her potential. Here they begin to make choices, take on more responsibilities, and learn to advocate for themselves in a supportive environment that encourages intellectual risk-taking.


The Middle School provides a challenging, integrative, and exploratory curriculum with varied teaching and learning approaches. Teachers provide students a balance of nurturing, support, and direction to enable them to cope with the complex emotional, physical, social, and academic changes specific to their developmental needs. Critical thinking, research, organizational skills, writing, and speaking are taught across disciplines. The courses in language arts, social studies, science, math, technology, Spanish, physical education, art, and music are carefully designed to promote a challenging, yet developmentally appropriate academic curriculum.

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  • Fifth Grade

    We welcome fifth graders into our Middle School where they encounter responsibilities and chances to display their continual growth and independence. Students have the opportunity to join clubs, participate in the Middle School socials, become involved in student government, and go on their first overnight field trip.

    Classrooms buzz with excitement while the students expand their minds and grow socially. Classroom activities center on providing a safe environment where students are challenged and develop self-esteem. Students continue to learn, appreciate the value of hard work, and enjoy the numerous opportunities to display their talents to the entire Barnesville community.
  • Sixth Grade

    Sixth Grade is a year of changes and challenges. Students learn much about themselves and what it means to be part of a community. They become more independent, making decisions based on a growing understanding of individual needs and those of the people around them. They learn to persevere and accept more responsibility for their actions.

    The Sixth Grade curriculum provides diverse opportunities for the students to express themselves and to demonstrate their learning. Thematic units encourage students to make cross-curricular connections. Partner and group projects help students develop communication, planning, and leadership skills.
  • Seventh Grade

    While most seventh graders are still concrete in their understanding of the world around them, they are beginning to make abstract connections and think more critically. Teachers spend time helping students with time management and organization skills as they start to take charge of their own academic success and in campus activities.

    The class trip to Echo Hill Outdoor School on the Chesapeake Bay in the fall sets the tone for the year. Through a variety of team building and group bonding experiences (as well as hands-on learning about the watershed and the various ecosystems), seventh graders come back ready to assert their presence in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and in the hallways.
  • Eighth Grade

    Eighth grade is the culmination of a Barnesville education. Emphasis is placed on further building leadership skills in preparation for the transition to high school. Students are encouraged to strive for a higher level of independence and self-advocacy.

    Students learn to manage their time, strengthen their study skills, and become advocates in their learning process. Eighth grade provides a challenging, integrative, and exploratory curriculum with varied teaching and learning approaches to help reinforce concepts. Ready for the transition to high school, each graduate delivers a speech that looks back on their Barnesville experience and imagines new adventures that lay ahead.
  • P.E.

    Middle School students (5th – 8th Grades) learn and apply safe and effective strength training exercises and flexibility exercises. They learn about cardiovascular fitness, practical and healthy lifestyle habits. They learn and apply many life-time activities and games with an emphasis on fundamentals and strategies. Students also learn and develop effective team building and leadership strategies through cooperative games. Middle School students receive physical education twice per week for 45 minutes.

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