The Barnesville School ARTS & HUMANITIES program aims to instill in our students a LOVE of history, culture, literature, poetry, art, and drama while learning to make sense of the world around them.

The Arts & Humanities are core components of our curriculum, proven to support learning in other subject areas. We integrate art, literature, and social studies topics to develop cultural awareness and skills to interpret both historical and literary sources so students evolve as thinkers, writers, and citizens.
Children in preschool through eighth grade have regular music classes, and children from kindergarten and up have art classes in the studio. Homeroom teachers work closely with art, music, and drama teachers to give students guidance and opportunities to express themselves. Multi-media art, such as video, sculpture, photography, and role-playing, is often a component of presentations, giving students opportunities to explore different means of communicating information.

Arts & Humanities

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  • Humanities

    The Barnesville School Humanities program aims to instill in our students a love of history, culture, literature, poetry, art, and drama while learning to make sense of the world around them. Barnesville fosters a love of reading and writing, and students gain confidence in public speaking from an early age.
  • Spanish

    Barnesville School's Spanish program starts in Preschool. Introducing foreign language studies at an early age takes advantage of the developing brain's receptivity to acquire new sounds and provides a jump-start to ongoing language capabilities. Fifth through eighth grades learn Spanish through immersive experiences to strengthen speaking proficiency and cultural appreciation. By the time students depart eighth grade, they are proficient in Spanish in the areas of communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.
  • Exchange Program

    Barnesville Middle School participates in a student foreign exchange program with the Leonardo Da Vinci School (LDVS) located in Lima, Peru. Seventh or eighth grade students from LDVS visit Barnesville for three weeks in January and February each year. They live with a host student and family and are immersed in school classes and activities as well as attend planned field trips.

    In June and July, Barnesville sends three or four of our students to Peru to participate in their classes and culture. Students experience field trips to learn about the rich history of Peru. A highlight of the trip is the four days spent in Cuzco and Machu Picchu.

    The exchange program is a wonderful enrichment vehicle that touches the lives of our Middle School students and raises awareness of the global community. It is also a great way for both participating schools to have their students become more fluent in the English and Spanish languages. Learn more about our Peru Exchange Program here.
  • Visual Arts

    Barnesville's Visual Arts program is an integral part of our academic curriculum. Our art teacher works closely with our classroom teachers to integrate art into social studies, science, and even math curriculums.

    Barnesville’s art program continuously strives to foster curiosity and confidence in every student that enters the art room. From a young age, students are encouraged to model the basic tenets of artistic behavior. These include risk-taking, following a line of thought over time, going deep with a preferred medium or technique, playing and experimenting, and bringing aspects of their life into their art. These guiding principles create a safe, inspiring, and joyful environment for students to develop their unique artistic voice.
  • Music

    Our Music Program supports cognitive and spatial development as well as math and memory functions. It also reflects and celebrates the human experience throughout history and across cultures.

    The music curriculum at the Barnesville School aims to develop musical and creative ability in each student. To this end, nurture and support are given to develop the branch of music each student has special aptitude for and give training accordingly to draw the best out of them. Ultimately, music education serves to create and develop an interest and enthusiasm in the learners for the study and practice of music.
  • Performing Arts

    Students gain confidence performing on stage at an early age. Performing arts are an important part of every child’s educational experience at Barnesville. Our students gain confidence performing on stage from an early age, whether in the classroom, or as part of a larger performance group. Through music class and performance opportunities the Barnesville School strives to instill a life-long appreciation for the performing arts. Our goal is to discover and nurture the creative potential in each child.

    Music and performance are regularly integrated into the classroom curriculum and the children have several performance opportunities throughout the year including Grandparents' Day, the Lower School Winter Show, and the May Day Celebration. Middle School students have the opportunity to audition and participate in the Fall Play and the Spring Musical. The entire Middle School participates in a holiday show that highlights skills learned in class. Class performances range from singing, acting, playing an instrument, or dancing.

    The Middle School Chorus has a longstanding tradition of singing for school functions. The chorus has also been involved in many community service performances at venues such as nursing homes and shopping malls. Chorus members have also serenaded former and current Barnesville teachers and staff who have experienced health challenges and have performed at the White House during the Holiday season.
  • Process Drama

    Process drama is a rich methodology that ignites the imagination through story and travel. Drama in the classroom creates community, builds empathy, promotes problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as reinforcing literacy and mathematical concepts. We also integrate our drama work into language arts and visual art lessons.

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