Outdoor & Environmental Education

Our beautiful 30-acre campus in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve is our extended classroom, enabling us to integrate NATURE into our everyday LEARNING.
Barnesville is proud to be the only accredited independent school in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve. In our unique location and beautiful setting, we seek to bring our students into direct connection with nature and the agricultural community. In addition to our science curriculum, students average 60 minutes/day outside learning and playing.

In 2011, Barnesville School was certified as a Maryland Green School under the auspices of the Maryland Association for Environmental & Outdoor Education (MAEOE).In 2021, Barnesville School earned its recertification as a Maryland Green School. As part of this certification, Barnesville demonstrated achievement in three areas—curriculum and instruction, community partnerships, and best management practices.

Barnesville School

21830 Peach Tree Road
PO Box 404
Barnesville, MD 20838
p: 301.972.0341