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70% of our Middle School students play for one of our 9 competitive sports teams.

In support of the School’s mission statement, the Barnesville School provides Middle School students with a joyful, competitive, and well-rounded program designed to enhance skills, emphasize sportsmanship, and develop leadership qualities. We have a proud athletic tradition, including multiple conference championships, where many students continue their athletic interests into high school and college.

Our athletic facilities include a full gymnasium with a regulation hardwood-floor basketball court, an outdoor basketball court, an outdoor soccer/lacrosse field, a challenge ropes course, and a cross country course.

Athletics Calendar

We ensure that there is a place for all of our middle school students to learn and compete in team sports and/or intramurals, and many choose to take on the challenge of trying a sport like lacrosse for the first time. Students engage in competition and teamwork in a positive environment at Barnesville, while developing self-discipline and confidence. These and other qualities that are nurtured in athletic activities will be valuable in helping student/athletes strive for success in other aspects of their lives as well.

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  • Competitive Team Sports


    • Soccer (boys)
    • Cross Country (co-ed)
    • Volleyball (co-ed)

    • Basketball (boys & girls)

    • Soccer (girls)
    • Tennis (co-ed)
    • Track and Field (co-ed)
  • Eligibility

    All Middle School students (starting at Fifth Grade) are eligible to participate in the interscholastic teams, sports clubs, and intramurals program. The Barnesville School’s philosophy is to educate the whole child, and sports and recreation offer the opportunity for many to achieve success on and off the field.
  • Team Selection

    Team rosters may be limited to ensure that the student/athlete has the best coaching and learning experience and a safe environment. If a team roster is limited, we seek to provide alternative intramurals. The selection process for each team is determined by the coach and selection committee in conjunction with the Athletic Director based on the student/athlete’s skill level and mental and physical preparedness. All team members play time is determined by the coach(es).
  • Athlete Responsibilities

    1. The team’s goals, welfare and success must come before any individual.
    2. An athlete needs to consistently attend practice sessions.
    3. Players must be receptive to coaching.
    4. Team members are responsible for all issued uniforms and equipment.
    5. As a member of a team, an athlete must agree to and follow the team rules. Athletes need to remember that they are ambassadors and represent themselves, the coaching staff, school, and community.
    6. If injured, an athlete must report all injuries to the coach.
  • Coach Responsibilities

    1. The selection of the team.
    2. The determination of the style of play, including the offensive and defensive philosophy.
    3. The teaching and instruction at practice sessions.
    4. The determination of who starts and how long an athlete plays in a contest.
    5. The decision of who plays in what position.
    6. The establishment of team rules.
    7. The communication with the athletes and parents with respect to practice sessions and team information.
  • Sportsmanship

    An important mission of the athletics program at the Barnesville School is to teach and reinforce values relating to sportsmanship, competition, and fair play. It is expected that team personnel, parents, and spectators respect this mission by exhibiting appropriate behavior at athletic events. A condition of entry to a Barnesville School event is that all spectators agree to recognize the event as an extension of the learning process, and that all present have the responsibility to model appropriate behavior. The event is a unique opportunity for spectators to be part of a positive and productive learning environment and to model behavior that is appropriate for the Barnesville School mission. Sportsmanship is an overt display of respect for the rules of sport and for all others.
    Expectations for Spectator Behavior
    1. Applaud players for their effort.
    2. Accept the decisions of officials.
    3. Appreciate participants for their commitment.
    4. Support school personnel in conducting orderly and spirited contests.
    5. Maintain composure when breaks seem to go against your team.
    6. Respect the rights of other spectators.
    7. Reward sportsmanlike behavior through cheering.
    8. Focus attention on positive aspects of competition.
    9. Encourage players by showing enthusiasm.

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