Mission & Philosophy


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  • Positive Environment

    We value a positive, supportive learning environment. At Barnesville School, we foster an academically stimulating atmosphere that balances hands-on experiences, proven teaching methods, new teaching models, and use of technology. In small classes, students learn through an innovative combination of cooperative, independent, and self-directed projects and opportunities. They are challenged to take risks, explore and express ideas, and reach their potential through hard work and persistence in all activities.
  • Integrated Curriculum

    We value a curriculum that integrates the humanities, arts, math, and science to help students reach personal academic excellence. A Barnesville education offers a strong interdisciplinary foundation to prepare students for success in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. We encourage collaborative exchanges across subject areas to reinforce concepts and help students understand the interdependence of ideas. Through direct interaction with the environment, we seek to cultivate in our students a strong understanding of the relationships between human activities and natural resources. Our goal is to have students acquire the skills, knowledge, and wisdom to make them successful learners and critical thinkers throughout life.
  • Social Responsibility

    We value social responsibility and the development of personal values. Starting with the first handshake in the morning, Barnesville School's atmosphere encourages respect, responsibility, honesty, integrity, perseverance, and concern for self and others. We believe students develop social responsibility and values by their involvement in service learning programs and through a curriculum where adults model and reinforce these values in school, the broader community, and the world.

Diversity Commitment

In a world of shared borders, knowledge and empathy for multiculturalism are essential to a Barnesville School education. As our students enter the global community, our School encourages them to embrace diversity with an open mind and generous spirit. We strive to introduce our students to all aspects of diversity which include acceptance of diverse intelligences and learning styles; awareness of differences in socioeconomic status; compassion for mental and physical impairments; and understanding of differences concerning age, appearance, gender, race, sexual orientation, and spiritual beliefs. We support a safe and secure environment for all members of our Barnesville family and make respecting differences a school-wide goal. This builds a community true to our mission of joy, support, and excellence.
Approved by the Faculty and the Board of Trustees, May 2010

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