Student Life

COMMUNITY is The Barnesville Way

Being a student at Barnesville means being part of our unique and close-knit community. The School's mission of joy, support, and excellence cultivates an atmosphere of mutual respect where students encourage and inspire each other and gain confidence in the value of their own unique voice. We refer to this as “The Barnesville Way.”

Small classes enable teachers to focus not only on the academic development of our students, but on their social-emotional development as well. We create meaningful learning experiences beyond the classroom curriculum that provide structured and unstructured opportunities for students to try new things, take risks in a safe environment, and grow as individuals.

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  • Morning Meeting and Handshake

    Every morning, we bring together our entire faculty and student body in the gymnasium to begin the day as a community. Middle Schoolers are responsible for leading Morning Meeting, sharing updates on school events and celebrating news about important events in student and faculty lives. At the close of Morning Meeting, students line up to shake hands and greet a teacher or administrator as the formal start to the day.
  • Buddy Program

    Our Buddy Program pairs younger grades with older grades, so students develop meaningful relationships throughout the year with students in other age groups. Older students have genuine opportunities to be role models and leaders while younger children know they have special friends looking out for them. Young students look forward to seeing their big-kid friends, and older students take pride in the responsibility that comes with becoming a big-kid buddy.
  • Lower School T.E.A. Time

    In Lower School, grades are grouped together to participate in T.E.A. Time (Team Enrichment Activities). Preschool and kindergarten work together, first and second work together, and third and fourth grades meet weekly for arts integration and hands-on activities around different themes. Groups also work on conflict resolution activities and help the children to understand how to become part of a community. This time is also used to work on community service projects or to meet with Buddies.
  • After School Enrichment Programs

    There is never enough time to do everything we want within the confines of a school day. Children who are passionate about music, athletics, nature, writing, or all of the above are able to select from a variety of After School Enrichment Programs to extend their interests beyond the traditional curriculum. Seasonal and year-long programs are offered based on student interest.
  • Middle School Advisory

    The Advisory program provides a structure that fosters connectedness among Middle School students and faculty. Teachers serve as advisors who meet with a mixed group of students (5th/6th and 7th/8th) once a week. The advisor provides mentorship and support through group discussion and activities.
  • Student Council

    Our Student Council plans wonderful events such as Spirit Week, school parties, and dances.

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