Summer Camp

Join us for a Summer of Joy!
    • 2024 Summer Camp

Wide-open fields in Montgomery County’s Agricultural Reserve are the ideal setting for academic learning true to the Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences mission of joy, support, and excellence. We put an emphasis on JOY!

Summer Camp Weekly Themes

Barnesville School Summer Camp will follow a weekly theme camp where your child will explore, learn, engage, create and have fun with a variety of activities, games, and unforgettable memories.

Special Activities: 
Water Play - Campers will cool off on a hot summer day with water play!
Field Trips - Campers will explore exciting destinations around our community!

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  • Week 1: Welcome to Camp - June 17-21 - Tropical Paradise OR Physics

    Ages: 3.5-5 — Tropical Paradise! 
    ALOHA Summer! With Tropical Vibes we are going to Kick-off the beginning of Summer Camp 2024. The beginning of a summer full of joy; full of dance, games, themed activities, art & crafts, water play and cooking projects. We will end the week with a Luau Party!

    Ages: 6-14 — Fast Track Physics: Boats, Planes & Cars 
    In this camp, students will learn the science behind some of the most exciting forms of transportation: boats, cars, and planes! Students will also discover concepts of architectural design, friction, force, gravity, and density while problem-solving challenges presented in the real world and in storybooks. Overall, students will learn how to build solutions to problems utilizing concepts from physics, chemistry and engineering.
  • Week 2: June 24-28 - Mythical Fantasy OR Acting

    Ages: 3.5-5  — Mythical Fantasy (Dragons and Fairy)
    Once upon a time… A week full of magical creatures;  including dragons, unicorns and the magic of fairies. Campers might create their own magical creature and dive in a world with unlimited imagination. We will end the week with a dress up party that includes a few small performances from our campers. 

    Ages: 6-14 — Acting for Stage & Media 
    In this camp, students will learn how to mount a performance using the actor’s toolbox and their creativity. Students will learn about auditioning, staging, character analysis, creative expression, building a scene, costumes, props, staging, lighting, music and dance. By the end of this camp, students will have auditioned, rehearsed, and performed scenes for stage and/or for video production.
  • Week 3: July 1-5 (Camp is closed the day of July 4th)

    Ages: 3.5-5 — Color, Stars and Stripes
    Red, white and blue! A week of patriotic activities, outside games and crafts to celebrate the Independence of the USA. We will end the week with a picnic and Capture the Flag game. 

    Ages: 6-14 — Ivy Camps Olympics: Science of Sports
    In this camp, students will learn the science behind popular sports while having the opportunity to play them! Throughout this camp, students will have the opportunity to develop and practice their teamwork and communication skills. By the end of this camp, students will design their own sports game to play with other students.     
  • Week 4: July 8-12 - Ocean Discovery OR Animals & Veterinary Medicine

    Ages: 3.5-5 — Ocean Discovery
    The Ocean covers about 70 percent of Earth’s surface and is full of mysteries. Campers will embrace sea life by learning about fish, whales, dolphins and many other creatures including mermaids and pirates. We will end the week with a Water Play Party. 

    Ages: 6-14 — Animals & Veterinary Medicine
    In this camp, students will have the opportunity to discover different animals that exist around the world. They will also have a chance to dive into veterinary medicine and learn how we can help to protect the health of the species that exist around us! By the end of this camp, students will develop a presentation on how to take care of an animal of their choice.
  • Week 5: July 15-19 - Butterflies OR Outdoor Explorers

    Ages: 3.5-5 — Butterflies and other Creature Camp
    A week of creepy crawly fun; learning all about six-legged creatures. Campers will take a journey into the wilderness. Activities included are nature hikes, scavenger hunts, outdoor exploration and more. This week will end with an insect exposition project.

    Ages: 6-14 — Outdoor Explorers
     In this camp, students will ignite a love for nature where young adventurers embark on a journey of discovery in the great outdoors. With an adventurous flare, this camp cultivates a sense of environmental stewardship while providing an unforgettable experience filled with exploration and outdoor education.
  • Week 6: July 22-26 - Seasons OR Songwriting

    Ages: 3.5-5 — All the Season in July!
    Imagine a year of your favorite holidays celebrated in a week. Not just Christmas in July, but also Halloween, Valentine, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many others. Each day campers will celebrate one of their favorite holidays by creating art & craft, cooking projects, games and many more activities. We will end the week with a dress up party. 

    Ages: 6-14 — Verses & Vibes: Songwriting
    In this camp, students will explore music of various kinds. They will learn concepts such as lyrics, songwriting, rhythm, and improvisation. By the end of this camp, students will create their own song and present it to the group.
  • Week 7: July 29-August 2 - Space Expedition OR Solar System

    Ages: 3.5-5 — Out of this World!
    Space Expedition… 5,4,3,2,1 Blast off!! Campers will learn about the solar system, creating space-themed art projects, and participating in space-themed games and activities. We will end the week with science stations including STEM challenges, moon dough, and rocket launch.

    Ages: 6-14 — Earth & Space: Exploring the World
    In this camp, students will explore the extreme conditions found on Earth and in space. Students will use the factual information that they learned about planets in our solar system to design a fact-based fictional planet of their own!
  • Week 8: August 5-9 - Global Exploration OR Fashion & Art

    Ages: 3.5-5 — Around the World
    A week to celebrate global diversity and cultural exploration. Campers will learn about traditions, music, food through diverse activities, games and crafts. We will celebrate the end of this week with a cultural fair. 

    Ages: 6-14 — Palette to Runway: The World of Fashion & Art
    Students in this camp will have the opportunity to explore the world of fashion design and art, creating their own unique designs. Alongside developing their ability to express themselves creatively, students will also examine how design principles can be used across a variety of mediums. By the end of camp, students will create their own gallery that displays their own fashion and art pieces.
  • Week 9: August 12-16 - Sports Week

    Sports Week with Coach McCoy
  • Week 10: August 19-23 - Math Boot Camp (9:00-1:00 pm) OR Ooey Gooey (9:00 am-4:00 pm)

    Grades: Upcoming 5th - 8th grader (Middle School)
    Math boot camp plan is to ensure that middle school students are caught up, keeping up, and getting ahead for the 2024-2025 school year. With fun, engaging, and hands-on activities students will be working with skills needed to be successful but also to gain deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. The skills that camp will focus on will be fractions, decimals, integers, solving equation, graphing and real world problems and applications. 
    [3.5-10 years of age] Theme Ooey Gooey Camp
    During this week campers will explore the wonder of sticky mud, messy nature, and slimy experiments! Campers will be able to mix all sorts if ingredients, measure, combine and observe reaction in different ways. This is a week to get wet, sticky, dirty and messy while conducting experiments. 

Camp Registration

 Register for the full 10 weeks of camp or pick and choose your weeks.

Summer 2024 Costs

Full-Day Cost: $390/week*
Full-Day Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Half-Day Cost: $265/week*
Half-Day Hours: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Before Care: $75/week
Before Care Hours: 8:00am - 9:00am

Extended Care: $75/week
Extended Care Hours: 4:00 - 5:00pm

*Additional Field Trip fees may apply.

Summer Camp is open to ALL!
You do not need to be a Barnesville student to register.

Please note that the age grouping of 6-14 will be further
divided into 2-3 groups depending on the number of campers and ages.
For this summer, there will be two separate groups: 6-8 years and 9-14 years for activities.

Meet our Camp Director

Dear Parents,

    My favorite time of the year is here: Summer and Summer Camp!!!!!!!!!!! I am very excited to welcome returning and new campers to a summer full of adventure and JOY! This year Barnesville Summer Camp partnered with Ivy Camp to extend our camper age up to 14 years. Ms. Ada, Ms. Kelly and I (Frances) are busy preparing new, unique and full of joy activities for our Busy Bee (how we like to call the campers). 
It’s always an honor to have the opportunity to provide your child and family with an outstanding experience, and I can’t wait to start creating lifelong memories. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Thanks, Frances

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