Georgeann Gude Wood Memorial Library and Media Center

Our library is a key part of our curriculum and is the learning hub of the school. It is an inviting and captivating center for academic GROWTH for the students and the school community. It adheres to the school’s mission statement, which calls on everyone in our community to strive for EXCELLENCE with the joyful SUPPORT of all.
Our library is more than a place. It is also a class tied to each grade level's curricular needs and areas of focus. Library class for younger students might include a story time with books that reflect a particular time in history or place in the world related to social studies lessons. As students engage in research-based projects, Library class is used to develop and refine those skills. Library is also a time and place to nurture a love of reading, offering students the opportunity to explore different interests and authors.
The Online Catalog is always available for students, staff, and families to access our collection of print books for reading and research. Our eBook Collection from Follett allows our community to enjoy books 24/7.

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