Full STEAM Ahead! Third & Fourth Graders Showcase their Robots!

We’ve partnered with KID Museum as part of the expansion of our maker-based learning & STEAM programs offered at Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences. KID Museum has delivered their “What Makes a Robot” program to third and fourth graders which includes 10 hours of the museum’s programming, combined at the museum and at Barnesville School.
The "What Makes a Robot" program includes skill-building workshops where students work in groups and collaborate on design, resulting in a robotic creation. Third and fourth grade Barnesville School students shared their creations through the program with the entire school at a STEAM Showcase held in November.

Students collaborated by working in teams and sharing what they know; they took the initiative and used their design skills by reimagining upcycled materials in their designs; and they explained to audience members that visited their robots during the event. The students’ final products were impressive! They were programed to light up, play music, and/or move via circuits and sensors!

Check out the video here!

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Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more?

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