New Spanish-Language Section at Barnesville School Library Highlights Cross-Curricular Model

The new Spanish-language section in the Barnesville School library features an ongoing culturally-related art installation. This new section of the Georgeann Gude Wood Memorial Library and Media Center was established by Ms. Walsh, the school Librarian.
With the help of Mrs. Roos (Assistant Director), Mr. Thompson (Facilities Director), Ms. Eargle (Art Teacher), and Student & Parent volunteers, the bookshelves at the entrance to the library were cleared out and artwork was installed. 

When Ms. Walsh began working at Barnesville School last year, she realized that there were Spanish-language books shelved throughout the library and in various classrooms around the school, but they were difficult to track down. “I wanted to make these titles accessible,” said Ms. Walsh, “there was a lot of rearranging.” She orchestrated the consolidation of all the Spanish-language titles with visibility in mind, “The shelves next to the front door to the library are an excellent place to showcase our growing Spanish-language section, and demonstrates  that we value the cross-curricular model,” she noted, adding, “we want to make Spanish accessible for students via multiple access points.”

The culturally significant art installation above the new section is designed to be rotated out as desired over the course of the year. Currently, the First Grade students’ Calaveras are on display. As part of a year long study of Mexican arts and crafts, First Grade students learned about the Mexican holiday, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and its iconic Calaveras (sugar skulls). Cast from sugar and meringue powder, then decorated with colorful icing, Calaveras are a quintessential part of Día de los Muertos altars. Using air dry clay and a paper template, each First Grader crafted their own low-relief skulls. When the clay dried, acrylic paint was used to add color and to emphasize specific elements of the skulls. 

The new Spanish-language section of the Georgeann Gude Wood Memorial Library and Media Center is an exciting new addition to Barnesville School! The rotating art installation is sure to give students and visitors something to look forward to with each visit to the library.

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Ready to learn more?

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