Barnesville Student-Art Part of Permanent Collection

Every October, artists from all over the world participate in Inktober by drawing in ink each day of the month. This year, Barnesville School students joined this global event and now their art is part of a permanent collection!
The idea behind Inktober is to develop positive drawing habits (which our art teacher, Sarah Eargle, supports)! In conjunction with Inktober, Sixth through Eighth Graders participated in an ink-drawing challenge in which they were offered a word to explore with pen and paper. 

Highlights from the challenge were selected and included in a sketchbook that was submitted to The Sketchbook Project in New York City. Over 100 countries have participated in The Sketchbook Project (that’s 50% of countries worldwide); 162,081 people from all over the world have entered sketches; and there are 48,941 sketchbooks in the collection, making the project one of the largest sketchbook collections in the world! Barnesville School is now part of the permanent collection and the sketchbook, in its digitized form, can be seen here. You can also visit the sketchbook in person! 30 Frost St. Brooklyn, NY 11211.

We would like to thank Dana, mom of Ceci, for providing the sketchbook.

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