Four Engaging Activities for Elementary Age Students

Try these four activities to keep your child engaged at home!
School closures mean extra time at home and, for many, indoors. Despite spring break being around the corner, plans and vacations have been canceled or postponed. Parents who have never telecommuted will need to and, for those with elementary age children, it can be a challenge to manage competing schedules without childcare. There are many resources floating around online and we understand that sorting through them can simply add more work to your schedule, so we’ve done the sorting for you. 

To get you started, here are four resources to engage your child, to allow them to socialize with their peers, and to get them moving! The aim of these activities is not to sit a child in front of an electronic device all day, but to keep them occupied for periods of time so that teleworking parents can have some work-focused time. 

Children will remember how it felt to be in their homes during these closures, so be sure to spend some quality time together and join in on some of the fun! We will continue to update and share tips on staying active during the closures on the Barnesville School website and via Facebook. For now, try out these activities to keep your child exploring and engaged.

BrainPOP is an online educational platform that is divided into various sections: BrainPOP Jr. (K – 3), BrainPOP (upper elementary and middle schoolers), and BrainPOP ELL (English language learning program. The program is designed to supplement a student’s current education plan through storytelling and web-based activities.

OutSchool is a web-based platform that delivers à la carte programs such as: ballet, art classes, lego classes, and even show and tell groups for younger children. Classes start for as little $5 per session.

Zoom is an online meeting space and offers various conferencing packages, including a free subscription. It’s great for virtual playdates with classmates. Parents can take turns hosting the playdates which last up to 40 minutes with a free subscription. 

Get moving with GoNoodle! This is a favorite among Barnesville School students and is a great way to get your child moving if you are unable to get outdoors. GoNoodle offers guided dances, breathing exercises, work outs, and more.

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