Barnesville Students Recognized as "Artist of the Month"

Each month, Barnesville School students have the opportunity to be chosen as the school-wide Artist of the Month.  Take a peek at some original art pieces created by our October & November Artists of the Month.
Ms. Eargle, Barnesville's art teacher, works closely with students to develop fine art skills through a variety of multi-media art projects.  Artist of the Month is chosen based on a student's commitment to the artistic process, not just the outcome.  Ms. Eargle looks for positive character development through the art process that includes positivity, enthusiasm, creativity, and more!

October's Artist of the Month was Jaxon in 3rd grade. Jaxon is known for bringing a great sense of humor and enthusiasm to the art-making process.

November's Artist of the Month is Ceci in 8th grade.  Ceci pays particular attention to detail and always demonstrates a positive attitude. 

Barnesville’s art program continuously strives to foster curiosity and confidence in every student that enters the art room. From a young age, students are encouraged to model the basic tenets of artistic behavior. These include risk-taking, following a line of thought over time, going deep with a preferred medium or technique, playing and experimenting, and bringing aspects of their life into their art. These guiding principles create a safe, inspiring, and joyful environment for students to develop their unique artistic voice.

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