Cross-Curricular & Spooky Learning in 3rd Grade

Celebrating a spooktacular Halloween season and a descriptive writing unit, Mrs. Gekas and her third graders, created original & creative haunted houses.
The process begins with a paper bag used to make the house structure and a black piece of paper used to make the roof.  What comes next is up to the imagination of Barnesville School's third graders!  Students add an assortment of spooky elements to their houses including bones, spiders, cobwebs, and more.  Once the houses have transformed into haunted houses, the students use their work as the basis for their writing pieces.  Using rich, descriptive language, the students describe their haunted houses in detail, so as to allow a fourth grade buddy to find their haunted house in the village.  Integrating creative experiences with writing instruction, Mrs. Gekas maximizes student engagement in their learning and creates a memorable experience for the Barnesville School third graders!

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