Kindergarten Peace Week Superheroes

Barnesville School Kindergarteners celebrated Peace Week with a cross-curricular project, "Peace Week Superheroes."
Peace Week is an annual Barnesville School tradition that occurs in January each year, in conjunction with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.   This time-honored tradition allows students to learn about what it means to be a citizen of the world, how to be the best versions of themselves, and focus on unity as a path toward a brighter future.

To celebrate the week, our Kindergarteners read the book, "Superheroes are Everywhere" by Vice-President  Kamala Harris.  After reading, the class discussed the different qualities of a superhero - brave, kind, dependable, justice, curious, as well as the people in Vice-President Kamala Harris' life that she considered superheroes - mom, dad, sister, teachers, best friends, role models, grandparents.  Using the list, students connected the traits of a superhero to actions they could personally take to promote peace in the world.  

Students then created their own Peace Superhero and wrote about two special traits their hero possessed.
Some of the names of their superheroes include Green Peace, Peace Crusader, Captain Bear Peace, Peace Pink, Peace Queen, Peace Cat, and Peace Girl!  Students even practiced their public speaking skills by sharing their Peace Superheroes at Morning Meeting.

This multi-day, cross-curricular project combined literacy, writing, social studies, and public-speaking skills all under the Peace Week school-wide theme.

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