Students Compose Original Songs

Barnesville School 7th graders explored self-expression and passion through music by composing original songs.
"Music is self-expression," declares Mr. Hayes, Barnesville School's Music Teacher.  The goal is to have students, "express themselves through instruments and lyrics."  

These goals are at the core of 7th grade's recent Music Composition project.  Students have been working to read and write musical notation.  Using their newfound skills, students were then provided music staff paper and given the opportunity to write their own musical notation and lyrics.  

"They used their passions to inspire their songs," says Mr. Hayes.  These passions can be seen in song themes about dogs, sports, the Olympics, and more.

This project is also sparking connections across grade levels as Mr. Hayes is going to use the 7th grader's songs in lower school music classes.  Younger students will learn and perform the compositions of the older students, and Mr. Hayes plans to record each group to share across grade levels.

Self-expression, JOYful learning, and school-wide connections made through the power of music.

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