First Graders Experiment with Animal Adaptations

Barnesville School first-graders have been busily engaged in their recent science unit about adaptations that help plants and animals survive.
The adaptation unit helps students develop their understanding of the idea that, just like a superhero has special powers, every animal and plant has special parts and behaviors that help them to grow and meet their needs.
As part of their learning, students carried out an investigation to determine the relationship between the shape of different bird beaks and the food each species eats. In the activity, "Find the Best Beak," students experimented with long pointy beaks (straws) that are great for picking up seeds and wide flat beaks (cups) that are good for scooping. They discovered that each beak has advantages for picking up different kinds of food.

As students worked, a chorus of discoveries could be heard, "The cup beak is scooping up A LOT of food!"  "I like using the straw, beak" exclaims another student.  What a joy it is to see young, budding scientists engaged in their investigations and experiments.

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