Fourth Grade State Fair

Barnesville students and families took a tour across America, visiting informative state displays and engaging with fourth grade experts who served as tour guides at the annual State Fair.
The Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences fourth grade social studies curriculum centers on the study of the United States. Beyond the classwide lessons on American history, geography, topography, and heritage, each student is also responsible for a long-term research project about a state of their choice. Students use class time for independent research on their state’s history, economy, geography, climate, government, and culture. Students then curate their work into tri-fold and table-top displays featuring facts, symbols, famous citizens, and events unique to their state.

“These students really paid attention to detail in their research and presentations,” said Fourth Grade Teacher Ms. Harabatch (known as Ms. Z). “They learned a lot from one another throughout the process, comparing and contrasting facts and characteristics about the different states.”

Barnesville’s Fourth Grade State Fair is a cross-curricular capstone project culminating months of work in different subjects.  

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Ready to learn more?

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