School-Wide Earth Day Celebration

How do we celebrate Earth Day #TheBarnesvilleWay?  With outdoor, environmental-learning stations of course!
Barnesville School 7th and 8th graders worked with Ms. Miller, Middle School Science Teacher, to plan, create, and facilitate Earth Day fun for Pre-K - 5th-grade students.  

Classes rotated through ten learning stations that covered environmental awareness, recycling, pollinators & honey, pollution, and more.

Recycle Relay was an Earth Day favorite!  At this station, classes separated into two teams and lined up behind a cone.  One player from each team would pick up an item from their team's bin.  Items may be trash or recyclable.  The students from each team race to the bins at the other end and throw their items into the appropriate recycling or trash bin.  The team that sorted all their items first, wins!

"This is AWESOME," exclaimed Thorne, a Kindergarten student, "I hope my team wins!"   
Other stations included Building Bee Homes, Truffula Trees, Natural Tie Dye, Planting Plants, Bee Pollinators, Polar Run, Nature Scavenger Hunt, Light Pollution, & Paper Making.

By the end of the Earth Day stations, students had a newly tie-dyed shirt, bee home, a young plant sprout, and a wealth of new knowledge to take home and enjoy! 

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