Virtual Spring Concerts

Culminating a unique school year of distance and hybrid learning, Barnesville School's Music Teacher, Mr. Hamilton Hayes, helped students to reimagine their Spring Concert.
Throughout the past school year, Mr. Hayes has skillfully planned and implemented lessons that have exposed Barnesville students to a wide array of musical experiences.  In the final weeks of the school year students in grades first through eighth came together to share musical performances and create a vibrant Virtual Concert Series to share their musical talents!

In alignment with Barnesville School's mission of using cooperative, independent, and self-directed projects,  students were given the freedom and flexibility to perform a song of their choosing.  The virtual concerts include performances ranging from Beethoven to Adele, Chopsticks to ACDC, and original pieces to Disney classics.

In addition to the musical performances, students also demonstrated their public speaking skills with a personal introduction that included their name, grade level, and selected performance piece. 

Group performances allowed students to connect across grade levels.  Combining different musical skills, students brought to life ACDC classics, radio hits, and more.   If you look closely, you may even spot Middle School Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Slack, making a cameo appearance on the drums!
"I'm EXTREMELY PROUD of the job that all of the students did and there will surely be more to come next year," shares Mr. Hayes.

The Virtual Concerts can be viewed on Barnesville School's Youtube Channel.

Click here to view the First Grade concert.
Click here to view the Second Grade concert.
Click here to view the Third Grade concert.
Click here to view the Fourth - Eighth Grade concert.

Bravo to all of our talented students, Mrs. Slack, & Mr. Hayes!

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