"You Belong" Mural Dedicated to Mrs. Vickie Roos

Barnesville School has a new, vibrant addition to campus, the "You Belong" Mural dedicated to Mrs. Vickie Roos and her thirty-two years of service!
In the spring of 2021, students across all grade levels were invited to create a design for a school mural using a standard template. Ms. Sarah Eargle, Barnesville School's former Art Teacher, reviewed the designs and looked for repeating elements, such as the bear, to include in the final design. Some students used text to communicate something they valued about their school experience or a message for our larger community. As Ms. Eargle worked on the concept piece, she tried to synthesize as many of these ideas into one design. 

Ms. Eargle and her husband worked on the mural for four days. They began at sunset, by projecting and tracing the design onto the exterior wall of the school. The next step was to block in the colors, which took about two days. The details came last, as they added texture and pattern to different areas of the mural.  Click here to view a process video of the "Be Kind" mural being brought to life.

The message "you belong" perfectly embodies Mrs. Roos' leadership during her 32 years at Barnesville School.  Mrs. Roos welcomed each student, faculty member, and community visitor with kindness & inclusivity while embodying the school's mission of joy, support, and excellence.  
When asked what she hopes the mural brings to the Barnesville School community, Ms. Eargle shared, "I often reflect on how increasingly separate people are becoming from the natural world. This has great consequences not only for our planet but for our own sense of belonging. When we forget that we are connected to the earth, it is easy for us to also forget that we are connected to each other. At the Barnesville School, there are many opportunities to connect with nature and to remember our way back into belonging. My hope is that this mural will serve as a beacon, a compass of sorts, always pointing in the direction of what is good and true."

Thank you Mrs. Roos for your thirty-two years of service and Ms. Eargle for your creativity and talents in bringing the mural to life!

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