Outdoor Lower School Mindfulness Gathering

On Friday, October 2, Barnesville Lower School students (Pre-K - 4), came together outdoors for a mindful gathering with friends while enjoying Barnesville's gorgeous 30+ acre campus.
Mindfulness is an idea that has been around for centuries. It is the process of being aware of one’s self, thoughts, feelings, and surroundings. Mindfulness can be practiced at any age or in any environment, with or without an instructor. The goal of mindfulness is to help people live more in the present moment. Mindfulness has proven benefits on children’s social-emotional growth and can lead to greater happiness, concentration, health, and creativity among other things.

The students were first guided through a series of activities to enhance their well-being and social-emotional growth.  Ms. Gekas led students in a yoga meditation using a singing bowl to enhance feelings of calm and tranquility.  

After, students completed a Fall hike 🍂 around campus.  This was an opportunity for students to socialize with friends across grade levels and connect with nature.  "It was a wonderful way to welcome October," shared Ms. Gekas, Barnesville School's third-grade teacher.

An outdoor mindful gathering is a perfect setting for children to engage in fun activities that will help them improve their mental well-being and social-emotional growth.  When asked how she felt about the gathering, second grade teacher Ms. Crain excitedly shared, "It was so much fun!!"

Supporting the development of #excellence in each student this year means taking time to support #socialemotional growth.  The goal was to provide a group space for the students to learn how to care for themselves and each other, as well as find the connection within themselves.

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