3rd Graders Spread Joy to Local Friends of Barnesville School

Each year, Mrs. Gekas’ third-grade students participate in a Valentine’s Day celebration that honors traditions and neighbors in our surrounding community. Visits to friends in the community followed by a traditional tea exemplify values like respect and kindness that we call “The Barnesville Way.
Students worked with Mrs. Gekas to paint and design teapot planters with joyful, colorful designs.  After, they planted flowers in each pot to prepare them for delivery.

On Valentine's Day, the students, Mrs. Gekas, and Mrs. Johnson headed out into the community to make their twelve deliveries.  Some notable deliveries included Joyce & Herb Brown and Neal & Colleen Brown, Barnesville legacy families that have had two generations of children attend Barnesville.  Students also delivered to the Beallsville Fire Station and Sally Mullen's local farm.  At the Mullen's farm, students were greeted by calves, foxes, and more.  

After the teapot planter delivery, third graders sat down for a traditional tea. Dressed in fine attire, they ate sweet treats and drank tea from a special teacup they brought from home. They practiced their manners, enjoyed a delicious lunch, and spent time chatting with each other about their day.



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