5th Grade Adventures in Gettysburg

Barnesville 5th-grade students tackled their first overnight trip away to Gettysburg!  The trip was full of historical sightseeing, hands-on learning, and the opportunity to foster independence.
On April 20 - 21, the fifth-grade class traveled to Gettysburg with Mrs. Halstead, Dr. Pelemo, and Mr. James for a field trip they are sure to never forget!  The overnight Gettysburg trip is a signature Barnesville experience that provides both educational and social-emotional learning for the students. 

Students visited many locations related to the battles in Gettysburg and learned the history from the perspective of soldiers and civilians.  Highlights included visiting battlefields, Little Round Top, the Jennie Wade House, and enjoying a meal at General Pickett's Buffet Restaurant.  The trip also mixed in fun activities like miniature golf and reenactments of Union & Confederate troops, including an opportunity to try the soldier's outfits!

Following the trip, students have gained a deeper appreciation and understanding of the impact the Civil War had on the United States and a closer bond with their classmates and teacher.  In the words of Sra. Halstead, "It was a beautiful trip with lots of learning and fun mixed in!"

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Ready to learn more?

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