Student Spotlight: Carina Araujo - 6th Grader Making Waves in the Art World

A Young Artist Wins Metro’s Art in Transit Program Contest

In an era where young voices are becoming increasingly important in conversations about climate change and sustainability, one 6th grader who now attends Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences is making her voice heard in a unique and colorful way. Carina Araujo won a spot in Metro’s Art in Transit program, an initiative aimed at celebrating Earth Day through the eyes of young artists.

On Tuesday, April 25, Metro unveiled three buses adorned with Earth Day-themed artwork at their headquarters located at 300 7th Street SW, Washington, D.C. The event showcased the work of local artists from kindergarten to sixth grade. Each bus then was placed in service, effectively turning them into moving art galleries that traverse the city. Metro has even introduced a special tracker for customers to locate these Earth Day Metrobuses, identified by a globe symbol throughout the system. Metro’s Art in Transit program received a staggering 240 submissions from young artists across the region. The artworks ranged from drawings and paintings to digital creations, all centered around the theme of Earth Day. The young artists were tasked with capturing their interpretation of the role public transportation plays in protecting our environment, combatting climate change, and supporting sustainable and livable communities.

Carina's Winning Contribution

Carina Araujo, a 6th grader at Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences, was one of the 15 artists whose work was selected. Her artwork brilliantly encapsulates the essence of Earth Day, highlighting the importance of public transportation as a sustainable alternative to individual car use. Her use of vibrant colors and intricate details caught the eye of the judges, making her one of the standout participants in the contest. This accomplishment serves as an inspiration to young artists everywhere, proving that age is just a number when it comes to making a significant impact.

As we look forward to seeing Carina's artwork cruising through the streets of Washington, D.C., one thing is clear: the future is bright, not just for this young artist but also for a generation committed to fostering a more sustainable world.

Congratulations, Carina Araujo, for your incredible achievement! 

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