Favorite Fall Field Trip

By Growing Writer, Justin Pradhan (Student, 7th grade)
This year I had two field trips from Barnesville School. A trip to the outdoor school, Echo Hill, and to the stream study at Masonville Cove. I personally liked our trip to Echo Hill more because there was more time to enjoy. It was a three days and two nights trip. The bus ride to Echo Hill was great, everyone had a great time and it didn’t feel very long.

On the first day we went for marine studies and learned about the Chesapeake Bay and the invasive species within it. After having an amazing dinner of pizza and eating most of the fries that they had, we went on a night hike where we found a nice empty field, which was a good spot to look at the stars.

The second day we went for a zip line and had to climb a 40 foot tall metal ladder connected to a tree to get up there. After lunch we went exploring through the swamp to get to their canoes. During the canoe trip we saw turtles, deer, and some construction machines. We had dinner on the beach. The food was amazing on this trip, everyone loved it! We then headed to the main hall where we had a class on opinions. Then we had another night hike where we saw an orange moon, which we thought was the harvest moon.

The next morning we packed our stuff and had breakfast, and then left to return to school. The bus ride back was just as good as the bus ride there but this time everyone was more tired so we weren’t as loud as before. This was the best trip I've had so far this year.

I would like to thank my teachers for organizing this trip for us! I look forward to another fun filled trip in eighth grade!

Justin Pradhan, 7th grade

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