Barnesville Athletics

By Growing Writer, Vivia Randall (Student, 7th grade)
     Barnesville is amazing when it comes to athletics. They offer a ton of different sports for each season such as Basketball (which is currently active), Soccer, Cross Country, Track and Field, and Volleyball! We have amazing athletes and amazing head coaches who are also teachers or parents from the Barnesville Community.      
     Our athletic program offers quite the variety of sports that I had mentioned previously and continues to grow. Our PE teacher Ms. McCoy runs all of the amazing athletics here at Barnesville by organizing our games and much more.
     Barnesville athletics is also educational in its unique way. It teaches us time management to balance schoolwork and sports, motor skills, teamwork, trust, and dedication. I see these lessons being learned at every practice I attend. 
     Athletics also makes us a stronger community. Having teamwork activities outside of school helps create long-lasting friendships and bonds. Everyone has the same strive and motivation to succeed in a sport. I have seen many bonds form for the love of a sport at Barnesville. Also, teacher participation in athletics is allowed and is a great way to bond with teachers and learn more from them in a different setting. 
     This is all why our athletic program is amazing and why I enjoy it so much. Thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to participate in a Barnesville sport. 

By Vivia Randall (7th Grade)

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