Love & Family

By Growing Writer, Eva Shrestha (Student, 6th grade)
     Love and family are essential to every life. Some might take family for granted, but they do much more than being related to you. They are the foundation of your life and are still there as you build even higher.
      Families must support each other. Like sugar, they add sweetness to your life when it’s too salty. Family is there for you to rely on when times are hard. They are honest with you in the best way and show that they care. Family supports you every step of the way.

      Families must help each other. Like liquids and dry ingredients in a cake, they mix to get the best results. They come together whenever you need it, like helping with homework, chores, and whatever needs to be done to make the job easier. Families communicate and work together to get anything done in the best way possible.
      Families must respect each other. Like a cake in an oven, you can’t just toss it in and expect it to bake; you must put in effort and compromise. A compromise is an important part of solving disagreements, which lets everyone meet their needs. Family is polite with each other and resolves disputes. They always respect each other’s opinions and choices. Families come together, compromise, and fulfill each other’s needs despite disagreeing.
Family needs all ingredients to mix together to have a good relationship. From the start, relationships build up throughout the years. No other relationship can be stronger than a family relationship; it’s a lot more than just “a group of one or more parents and their children living together as a unit.” Family is a bond like no other.

By Eva Shrestha (6th Grade)

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