What makes Barnesville Faculty and Staff Special

By Growing Writer, Carina Araujo (Student, 6th grade)
I love Barnesville faculty and staff. They are always kind, caring, and ready to help. Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Mears, and Mr. Hardman always ask me, “How are you doing,” or, “How was your day.” Mr. Thompson got the volleyball out of the roof, and Mr. Clark makes our field trips fun. He took a longer way to show us buffalos! Ms. Hamilton makes sure everything is in order.
Our teachers make the subjects fun and teach us interesting projects. For example, Mrs. Ash taught us to make a 3D solar system model, and Mr. Krebs showed a video on how to draw an Egyptian pharaoh. Ms. Alika taught us how to make clay bowls and printing. She did an amazing job in exhibiting our artwork at BlackRock Center for the Arts. Ms. McCoy is teaching us CPR, and I am excited to practice it. Mr. Hayes inspires me to play the keyboard, and I love when he calls me Picasso. Ms. Slack took us to a field trip to BlackRock Center for the Arts, and we did our own theater scene of Romeo and Juliet! I appreciate the incentives and rewards teachers gives us. Ms. Ash let us buy a gift from the Treasure box if we have 100 points, and Ms. Sheppard gives us class parties every trimester if we get certain points. I am so happy to learn a second language with Ms. Carlita.
Barnesville faculty and staff are very special. They are always welcoming us, they teach us new and important things, such as peace, earth, and how to be better people. All are amazing and always smiling despite their long day. I am also very grateful to all the other teachers at Barnesville. I want to thank each one for all their dedication and making our day fun.

By Carina Araujo, 6th grade student.

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