Matt's Little Cat - Creative Writing Story - Fiction

By Growing Writer, Anonymous (Student, 7th grade)
Chapter One

Faster, faster! My mind raced even faster than I was running. I hear skateboards rolling up behind me, why can ’t my little legs run any faster? At this rate I might as well give up. As I start to slow down I hear my name being called, it' s my mother! Perfect. I ran up to her as I heard the skateboards roll past. ‘Phew! I' m safe for another day.’ I thought to myself. I burst inside and she asked if I was okay, I said yes. I ran up to my room and flopped down on my bed.

Okay, so you probably don ’t know me, I mean hopefully not, but, my name is Matt. I am fourteen years old and live by myself and, I guess, with my mum. She can be a bit, um, energetic. She does yoga, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, pickleball, and other sports, even though she is forty-three! Oh. And those kids back there? They go to my school. They are bullies. It’ s practically hopeless to get away if they see you as a target.

I’ ve been telling mum for a while that I need to get some sort of vehicle, whether it be a car, or a bike. But she ALWAYS says ‘No.’! I' m like, ‘MUM! WHAT WILL I DO IF THE BULLIES CATCH UP TO ME?!’

But I would never say that for two reasons. Reason one, I would never yell at my mum, and neither should you. And reason two, she doesn ’t know about me being bullied. I' m afraid to tell her because I think she would overreact. Last week I told her I tripped, and she basically turned me into a Band-Aid-Mummy. I swear they were at least 500 on me.... to be continued.

By 7th grade student who requested to remain anonymous. Our student shared that they want to write a story to help children not be afraid to speak up about being bullied, and added that they are so grateful to be at a supportive and caring school like Barnesville.

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