From the Chains That Once Bound Me to the Floor - A Short Story that is like Roman Fanfiction

By Growing Writer, Makenna Luther (Student, 6th grade)
I stumbled as the guard shoved me into the arena. They didn’t do that to the others, but that’s probably because the others didn’t rebel. The others didn’t do what I had done.

Dusty air piled up around me, enclosing my entire body in a brown powdery layer of shame. Anyone who had a shred of hope left was about to be struck with the pain of disappointment. 

My peers were all much bigger than me, giving them an advantage. That meant I was the target. The one who people will be going after first. But that’s all right. I have a plan. A plan that will help me get out of this situation with all of my body intact. A plan that will help me leave this place. This prison.

Trumpets start to play, signaling the events will begin in 1 minute. My body is already positioned near the caged fencing. The electric fence won’t turn on for at least 45 seconds after the horns blow, giving me enough time.

My 60 seconds are up, and the gates open. I run as fast as I can. My body leaps onto the fence, which tingles as the electricity starts to slowly ignite. I scurry up it like a squirrel, careful not to slip. A sharp pain goes striding up my left leg as if an arrow has hit me. I dare not to look and keep climbing. The way out is only a few inches away. Alas, my time of free climbing is almost over, as the hum of electricity runs through the fence. On the opposite side, you can see a blue spark ignite. It quickly runs through the bottom layer, and then the middle.

I climb as fast as possible for one self and leap off the other side. The booming of the arena is now a distant memory as I plummet down the other side of a wall. 

For a brief moment, I feel the sensation of joy. It’s warm and fuzzy as it runs throughout my body. That moment ends, as my body hits a tree branch. And then another one, and another. Birds and squirrels scurry away, as their home is invaded by the evil giant. 

Finally, I hit the ground. The taste of throw-up climbs up my throat. I crawl over to the trunk of a tree. The feeling of fear and relief overwhelms me, as I vomit the pain away.

I did it. 
I escaped. 
I am free.
I am free from the chains that once bound me tightly to the ground.

By Makenna Luther, 6th grade student.

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