Tuition & Fees

The Value of a Barnesville Education

For a parent, no investment could be as significant as their child’s education. We understand that you’re interested in more than the cost of private school: you want to see what value you can expect.
To us, value means providing unique and unparalleled learning opportunities that spark creativity and encourage a genuine love for learning. Partnering with local art, science, and educational organizations, we collaborate with our community in a way that gives students hands-on, real-world learning experiences that complement our cross-curricular program.

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  • Tuition 2022 - 2023

    Middle School

    Grades 5 – 8: $25,250

    Lower School

    Grades 1 – 4: $23,500
    Kindergarten: $19,700


    Pre-Kindergarten (M–F): $11,650

    Early Childhood (M–F): $11,650
    Early Childhood (3 days): $7,025
  • Required Fees

    Arts & Sciences Fee

    Lower School

    Early Childhood – Grade 4: $350

    Middle School

    Grades 5 – 8: $975

    Barnesville Parent Connection

    BPC Fee Per Student: $100
  • Optional Fees

    Preschool Enrichment

    Annual Weekly Rate (M – F): $8,050
    Annual Daily Rate: $2,250

    Bus Transportation

    Round Trip: $2,650
    One Way: $1,350

    Round Trip: $650 per day
    One Way: $325 per day
    Extended Care

    Early Birds

    Annual Rate, Full Time: $1,750
    Annual Rate, Part Time: $525 per day

    Kids Club

    Annual Rate, Full Time: $4,500
    Annual Rate, Part Time: $1,000 per day

    Tuition Refund Insurance Bundle

    EC and Pre-K: $415
    Kindergarten: $520
    Grades 1-8: $625
  • Financial Aid

    Click here for detailed information on Financial Aid.

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