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Affording a Barnesville Education

We strive to make a Barnesville education accessible to as many families as possible across the Montgomery County and Frederick area. We believe our students' experience is made better and our community stronger through a commitment to socioeconomic diversity.

Cost should never be a roadblock for any family who believes Barnesville School of Arts & Sciences is the best environment for their child to learn and grow; therefore, Barnesville School sets tuition below the cost of educating each student. Our generous supporters see the lifelong benefits of our cross-curricular model and invest in the programs that prepare students for success — on our campus and beyond. 

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  • Need-Based Variable Tuition

    Variable Tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program that allows families to apply for reduced tuition, making a Barnesville education accessible to more families.
    The ability to adjust tuition based on a family's need not only benefits those families, it enriches the learning community by creating an environment of socioeconomic diversity — one that better prepares students to thrive when they leave our campus.

    Variable Tuition Ranges

    Variable tuition ranges reflect the additional tuition-reducing impact financial aid can have, depending on each family's financial circumstances.

    Middle School

    Grades 5 – 8: $11,540-$23,075*

    Lower School

    Grades 1 – 4: $10,765-$21,525*
    Kindergarten: $9,025-$18,050*


    Pre-Kindergarten (M – F/AM only): $10,675**
    Early Childhood (M – F/AM only): $10,675**
    Early Childhood (T – TH/AM only): $6,425**
    *Parents who choose NOT to apply for variable tuition, or who have no demonstrated need as determined by Schools and Student Services (SSS), pay the full tuition.
    **Variable tuition is not available for Preschool (Early Childhood or Pre-K) programs.

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  • Scholarships

    Scholarships may help offset the cost of your child’s private education. We are pleased to offer the Cohen Scholarship for Academic Achievement to rising and new 6th grade students with exceptional academic achievement. 

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