The Holiday Shop at Barnesville School

By Growing Writer, Carina Araujo (Student, 6th grade)
Are you looking for a toy, mug, or scarf? You will find everything from puzzles to pajamas in Barnesville’s Holiday Shop. This shop, full of fun, offers unique gifts for everyone. Barnesville Holiday Shop not only has a large variety of gifts, but also gets you in the holiday spirit. When walking through and around the tables, you can experience joy all around. For example, when I first entered the cafeteria, where the shopping tables were set, I saw all the colorful gifts and immediately got into the holiday spirit.

In addition to having fun and being able to buy gifts for your loved ones, you still can use this opportunity to learn in the Holiday Shop. By buying gifts, you are actually practicing math and communication skills as well as being able to make decisions on your own.

In conclusion, Barnesville’s Holiday Shop brings us much happiness. The Holiday Shop has a large variety of special gifts, gets us into the holiday spirit, and teaches us! No matter what, Barnesville’s Holiday Shop is always great fun.

Carina Araujo, 6th grade

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Ready to learn more?

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